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Important Information :

as you may noticed, the product verification System do no longer working, its due to a system crash ..

All last batch manufactured and purchased from Aug 2013  will came up as ''not Verified''

You can still verify your supplier by entering the domain name or Address mail . We are working closely with our resellers and we ensure the quality of the sciroxx line provided by them ..

Some of last manufactured products from aug 2013 may carry wrong Expiration date showing (untill 08/13) ,  this is a machina error .For these concerned products year of expiration is 2015 .. For more informations please Contact us .




Prensentation of our compagny :

Sciroxx is constantly engaged in innovative research and development. To this end we have made great progress.

In an effort to achieve our goals in ongoing drug discovery, we have fine tuned the R&D process. These processes incorporate new approaches, technologies, and applications to specifically address issues that the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries have faced over recent years.

More recently we have focused our efforts to consider the needs of the Athletic community. Due to strict archaic laws in most countries, athletes are left to purchase substandard or underground pharmaceutical products with no confidence in regards to the quality of these products. Sciroxx products are produced in the strictest GMP conditions thus providing athletes’ peace of mind.

Using quality products that are researched for the needs of athletes, helps them maximize results. This field of research is synonymous with the work we have been doing till now.

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